Sunday, September 16, 2012

....Still learning...

Another week of grammar class and I’m constantly learning new things. It’s pretty amazing how an entire course can be offered on this because you would think there isn’t much to grammar. Think again!

 I really enjoyed working on the personal pronoun chart. BETWEEN MY GROUPMATES AND I we discussed when we have seen these used incorrectly and how they are especially important for students who have English as a second language. As an English speaker MYSELF I sometimes even get caught up so I can see how that might be especially difficult.

 It’s so important for writers to express THEMSELVES and I think doing that in a grammatically correct way always makes writing seem more effective. Proper sentence structure ensures easily understood writing. A sentence needs several different aspects and parts in order for it to make sense!

 Looking though the newspaper and picking apart sentences really helped me notice the small details in sentence structure that far too often do go unnoticed. I’m a little worried when I read the newspaper every morning I’m going to start picking out the subject verb and object!

 Another week down and more grammar to be learned!


  1. Definitely nailed the patterns of the week and nice points, I agree that using newspapers as a medium to understand grammar is a great way to learn.

  2. I feel you got the patterns of the week! Great job. The newspaper assignment was helpful and it has made me more aware of my own sentence structure.

  3. uh-oh, yall--
    "Between my groupmates and I"
    should be
    "Between my groupmates and me"

    BETWEEN is a preposition, and only pronouns in the objective case (not subjective case)can follow and be an object of that preposition.