Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hannah is learning Grammar

When my friends ask what class I'm heading to every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, their response to "grammar" is usually the same. I guess most people assume it's an english major thing or that I just really love grammar. The truth is that anyone in any major could learn a lot from this course. Grammar is a skill that takes practice to fully grasp and this class has helped me to see that there is always something to learn or improve on when it comes to grammar.

Even after all these years, I still get hung up on apostrophes. Sometimes I get confused when using them for possestion. I really enjoyed the 'scavenger' activity when we looked through magazines searching for unique writing styles. It's interesting how each publication has a certain way of presenting grammar. Thanks to that activity I think I was able to practice and gather more knowledge of possession and apostrophes.

I don't remember a specific teacher who taught me exceptional grammar . I do remember teachers who taught me to love writing though. The funny thing is, writing and grammar go hand in hand. If you want to be a good writer, you need to have good grammar skills, too. I can't tell you how many well written papers I've read that were ruined by grammar- or lack of it.

I've learned that students are very different learners from their peers. It's so important as a teacher to embrace every student for their skills and to acknowledge areas they need help in. I've also been learning to have more patience. SOMETIMES, I GET IN SUCH A HURRY I OVERLOOK SMALL DETAILS; BUT WHEN IT COMES TO GRAMMAR, THEY ARE CRUCIAL TO NOTICE. I'm learning to be patient with students, no matter how different, and help them learn grammar the best way they can.

I am beginning to understand commas more and how they can really change the meaning of a sentence. I found the 'Dear John' exercise very fun and interesting. Commas have to ability to change so much in writing. Using commas correctly is essential and as one of my goals in my first blog, I think I'm already making progress.

Our Dora seminars were enjoyable, as it's always nice to hear the opinions of others. We all agreed on a lot and even by sharing our personal experience I can see that we exemplify the fact that students are diverse. We all had different experiences in our education that ultimately brought us to this class and influenced our choice to become teachers.

Only three weeks in and I'm gathering a lot from this class. I see myself growing as writer and aspiring teacher. With patience and attention to every grammatical detail I think I can accommodate every student. Grammar is a skill many people can benefit from if they have the opportunity to take this class.


  1. I agree that a grammar class like this would be beneficial for nearly all students, not just English majors. In most fields writing is still a major factor so those students would benefit from knowing how the rules and customs of grammar have changed and continue to change.

  2. Solid post, I thought that your examples were good and you had several of them. You hit the first pattern of the week right on the mark, but you left out the second one involving possessive pronouns. I agree that most students would find it helpful to take a grammar course, even if it isnt the most thrilling of ideas, especially considering how language is evolving with texting and internet expressions.

  3. yes, you forgot to incorporate possessive pronouns, as David points out. But your sentence in ALL CAPS doesn't follow our pattern of the week. Do try again next week.